I am a Romanian actress, writer and director born in a small town in Transylvania. Although living in Romania, I went on a German school. In 2013  I finished my Bachelor in acting in Cluj, Romania at the Babes-Bolyai University and immediately after that I pursued another further study in acting for two years at the Athanor Academy, in Germany. While still studying in Germany, I landed my first lead role in a German independent film, portraying a young woman, who fell victim to human trafficking. The film won an award for the best mid-length film at the Selb Film Festival, in Germany and is now being streamed on both Amazon and Pantaflix.

In the summer of 2016, I shot my first romantic comedy, as both a lead actress, scriptwriter and a director. The film is 20 minutes long. It is still in post-production at this stage and is expected to come out at the beginning of next year. The short film "Overcoming Mars" directed by Michaela Rihova, where I play the lead role, will also premiere this year in Norway at the Ringerike International Youth Film Festival.

I speak German and English fluently, Romanian as a mother tongue, and Spanish, French and Hungarian on a beginner's level. I like travelling, playing with cats, singing, dancing, playing tennis, reading, writing, and so many other things, but I am the happiest on a film set, a theatre stage or in a rehearsal room. 

"All my life I have sought the essence of flight. Flight-what a bliss."
Constantin Brâncuşi