Melania Crisan is a Romanian actress, born in a small town called Reghin, in Transylvania. She went from an early age on a German speaking kindergarten and grew up speaking Romanian at home and German at kindergarten and later in school. She continued going on a German speaking school until finishing highschool, when she discovered her passion for acting. In 2013 she finished her Bachelor in acting in Cluj, Romania at the Babes-Bolyai University and immediately after that she pursued another further study in acting for two years at the Athanor Academy, in Passau, Germany. While still studying in Germany, she landed her first lead role in a German independent film, portraying a young woman, who fell victim to human trafficking, but who finds the strength and the will to run away and to fight for her right to live a better life. The film won an award for the best mid-length film at the Selb Film Festival, in Germany and is now being streamed on both Amazon and Pantaflix.
In 2016, after finishing her studies, she wrote and directed her first short film, featuring only one character, portrayed by her. The film is being streamed on since October 2017.
In the summer of 2016, she shot her first romantic comedy, as both a lead actress, scriptwriter and a director. The film is estimated to be 40 minutes long. It is still in post-production at this stage and is expected to come out at the end of this year. The short film "Overcoming Mars" directed by Michaela Rihova, with Melania in the lead role, will also premiere this year.
Melania lives in Bucharest and London now. She speaks German and English fluently, Romanian as a mother tongue, and Spanish, French and Hungarian on a beginner's level. She likes travelling, playing with cats, singing, dancing, playing tennis, reading, writing, and so many other things, but she is the happiest on a film set, a theatre stage or in a rehearsal room. 

"All my life I have sought the essence of flight. Flight-what a bliss."
Constantin Brâncuşi