General Information

Height: 165 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Playing Age: 17-35
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Length: Mid Length
Voice Quality: Nasal
Voice Character: Natural
Mother Tongue: Romanian
Other languages: English, German (fluent)

                                French, Spanish, Hungarian (beginner)





2015 Checca in The Chioggia Scuffles- by Carlo Goldoni, Director: David Esrig

2014 Various Roles in WunschFrei - Improvisation Show, Director: Katja Klemt

2014 Amanda in The Glass Menagerie- by Tennessee Williams, Director: Petra Ratiu

2013 Various Roles in A bloody Circus - by Ionesco, Directors: F. Odangiu, S. Ferenc      

2013 Hillary in Fun- by James Bosely , Directors: Claudiu Lorand Maxim, Raul Coldea

2013 Polonius in The queen Mab- after Shakespeare, Directors: F. Odangiu, S. Ferenc

2012 Lubov Andreyevna Ranevskaya in The Cherry Orchard-  by Chekhov, Directors: Bronwyn Tweddle, F. Odangiu, S. Ferenc

2012 Flautino in The Madness' Glory-Commedia dell'Arte, Directors: F. Odangiu, S. Ferenc

2011 Polixena Toropetkaia in A Theatrical Novel- after Michael Bulgakov, Directors: F. Odangiu, S. Ferenc




2021 Georgiana (supporting role) in Lectii de Viata (TV), PRO TV, Romania, Director: Bruno Battista

2020 Mirabella (lead role) in Titus & Mirabella (short film), Germany, Director: Melania Crisan

2020 Mary (lead role) in GUEST (short film), UK, Director: Finn Callan

2018 Elsa (lead role) in Overcoming Mars (short film), UK, Director: Michaela Rihova
2018 Fabia Verdes (lead role) in Schicksale-und plötzlich ist alles anders (TV), SAT.1, Germany, Director: Patrick Freiheit

2018 Irina (lead role) in Waldsterben (short film), Germany,  On Set Direction: Lars Smekal, Post-production Direction: Constantin Weber
2017 Yvonne in Aktenzeichen XY-ungelöst (TV), ZDF, Germany, Director: Robert Sigl
2017 Mathilda (lead role) in Vatertag (short film), Germany, Director: Korbinian Altenbucher

2016 Lea (lead role) in Forever (short film), Germany, Director: Melania Crişan

2013 Supporting Role in The locker room (short film), Romania, Director: Diana Aldea  -  Persona Media Production

2013 The old lady (Voice Over) in Rattle Peal (animation film), Romania, Director: Gabriel Chelcea





2013-2015 Further Study in Acting- David Esrig Method- at The Athanor Akademie, Passau, Germany

2010-2013 Bachelor in Acting- at The Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania

2005-2009 Highschool, at Samuel v. Brukenthal Gymnasium, Hermannstadt, Rumänien




2015 Workshop on Voice Training- lead by Ros Steen, at The Athanor Akademie, Passau, Germany

2014 Workshop on Body Movement- lead by Yves Marc, at The Athanor Akademie, Passau, Germany
2013 Workshop on Devising Theatre- lead by Andrew Head, at Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania

2013 Workshop on Storytelling- lead by Ben Haggarty, at Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania

2013 Workshop on Improvisation- lead by Rareş Budileanu, at Theatre 74, Târgu-Mureş, Romania

2012 Workshop on Body Expression- lead by Petru Vutcărău, within "The Salt Road" Festival, in Turda, Romania
2012 Workshop on Casting- lead by Mihai Măniuţiu, within "The Salt Road" Festival, in Turda, Romania

2012 Workshop on Biomechanichs- lead by Alexey Levinsky, in Cluj, Romania

2011 Workshop on Michael Chekchov-Technique- lead by David Zinder, in Cluj, Romania

2011 Workshop on Stage Movement and Choreography- lead by Peter Uray, in Cluj, Romania

2011 Workshop on Viewpoints-Method- lead by Bronwyn Tweddle, in Cluj, Romania




Contact Improvisation, Modern Dance, Clown, Commedia dell' Arte, Physical Theatre, Poetry Reading, Viewpoints, Athletics, Basketball, Cycling, Ice Skating, Swimming, Tennis, Voleyball, Scriptwriting, Directing, Chewing Gum Bubbles, Whistling