Titus & Mirabella - Short Film Review                                  ★★★★★                                   Review by Taryll Baker

"Titus & Mirabella is a stunning and simple film with a lot to appreciate. Usually I’d mention how great it would be to see a feature-length version, but with this being so tightly made, I don’t think it’s remotely needed. It’s such a beautifully made piece."

Titus & Mirabella: Return To Ye Olde Days Of Rom-Coms by Indie Shorts Mag

"The film forms an interesting blend of European filmmaking and American sensibilities. The final product, therefore, is one that a wide audience will be able to identify with and enjoy for the nostalgia it evokes, both in terms of its vintage look, as well as its return to older standards of romance and comedy."

Titus & Mirabella are hitting the festival circuit (Interview with Melania Crisan) By Film Fest Report

"Also, the feeling of seeing your vision brought to life, is amazing. So seeing something that started as an idea in your head only, come to life and move people and make them laugh, is pure joy.
This project also brought me some experience in filmmaking and more understanding about the process of it. That helps when you are acting on other productions too, because you have a clearer insight into the process and that makes you, I think, a better actor."

Actorii români Axel Moustache și Melania Crișan cuceresc inimile cu comedia romantică Titus & Mirabella

"Scurtmetrajul de debut “Titus & Mirabella” al regizoarei și actriței Melania Crișan, prezentat în secțiunea de scurtmetraje, la a 12-a ediție a festivalului “Lady Filmmakers Film Festival” din Beverly Hills, California, a câștigat premiul pentru “Cel mai bun scurtmetraj romantic” (Best Romance Short)."

Interview at Radio DA, Romania