During the production of Blacksphere's medium-length film “Waldsterben” (that won the award for best medium-length film at the 41. Grenzland-Filmtage Selb), I happened to meet a great actress, whose career is on the rise. Due to her performance, Melania Crisan is mainly responsible for the overall success of the film.

Melania performed with exemplary dedication, discipline and professionalism. Her acting makes you believe she is actually experiencing what her character is going through. Her performance is outstanding, because she knows how to draw from her experiences and let you see the depths of human possibility. She shares the parts of herself that most people keep hidden. She shares everything that is necessary for the audience to understand the character. She is exposed and raw.

Melania stands out in every way. She has been a huge asset to our team, not only during the shooting-process, but also during post-production. She has brought a great deal of knowledge to the project, as an actress and a filmmaker. She helped our production on everything, from creating her character, to shooting, with great feedback during the editing process, and has risen to all the challenges the director has thrown her way.

Melania is respectful, a very hard-worker, has a good cinematic eye and is dedicated in everything she does. Beyond her abilities as a professional, she is a kind, fun and affable human being. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with her. As she pursues her professional career, Melania carries with her my highest recommendation.

Constantin G. M. Weber

Blacksphere Film-Production